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I have recently started training with Slam and highly recommend it! I have had formal martial arts training in the past and always hoped to rely on my skills for self defense. I knew there were gaps in my training, even though I had studied a few styles and they were comprehensive. With Slam I know that my technique WILL WORK! The style is simplistic enough to learn quickly (and still take years to master) so that it immediately becomes useful on the street.

No where else have I had the ability to train in techniques that are immediately devastating. I greatly appreciate the use of personal protection equipment so that strikes can be done with force and precision. Finally: Anyone can do this! Everyone will benefit!

                                                                                             – Amy H.


Simplistic Defense for Real People!
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We provide you with the basic concepts,

principles and physical skills that will improve

your awareness, mindset and ability to handle conflicts before, during, and after they happen.

The use of different realistic combative styles will

be blended to form a complete and unique personalized self defensive/offensive system.

The main focus is on street-based scenarios with

and without weapons. All levels are welcome!

No experience necessary.

Call, e-mail or text to join a class.

Private Lessons and Seminars are available.


Due to the mature and violent nature of our training,
we do not teach kids or teens!

About the Instructor

Randy Slamowitz,

Martial Arts Instructor/Combatives Trainer

Randy (SLAM) Slamowitz has over 30 years of experience training in Martial Arts/Self Defense. He is continuously  researching and testing realistic solutions to personal protection problems on the street using a diverse blending of the different combative styles, techniques and principles. Randy believes that there is no one particular style or system that has the answer when it comes to all the variables of personal self defense.


Among the combative arts he has studied, practiced and taught are:


Chinese Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu-

Instructor, with the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt (Sandan).

Tang Soo Do - 1st Degree Black Belt (Cho Dan)

Jeet Kune Do Concepts -Slam is an avid practitioner; which includes: Jun Fan kick boxing, Thai boxing, Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) of Panantukan (dirty boxing). Silat, Kali, & Western boxing.

Military/WWII Combatives- Slam has gone to numerous seminars hosted by some of the most influential Combative Instructors/Trainers of our time. He is constantly, learning and revising techniques and principles in order to keep current with the times and situations.


Slam continually pushes himself to evolve by attending training seminars in JKD Concepts, Kenpo, military,and street combatives.

Always learning, he considers himself a lifetime student of the martial arts.

Randy was a staff sergeant (E-6), Section Chief serving 12 years in the Army Reserves (1981-1993) in a combat MOS.

He also is a CCW carrier.

Be Decisive. Then Dynamically Explosive!
You have the right to defend yourself!
We can help.